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About Garrabridge

Since 1999, Garrabridge has made its home in Ireland. Here we distribute interior and exterior lighting fixtures for projects throughout Ireland , The UK , Europe and The Middle East.Garrabridge Lighting & Controls Ltd is an independent center with local management accountable for all Design, Sales and distribution. This management approach allows us the independence to focus on the unique demands of our specific markets with a competitive entrepreneurial spirit. While we work closely with our International manufacturing colleagues, products are selected, engineered and manufactured to meet the demands of the UK building requirements.

Our market philosophy enables the Architectural Designer to select from a catalogue of standards as well as work with our team of local engineers and lighting application professionals to establish their own unique design solution. Garrabridge is the place to find original designs, manufactured from quality materials, produced at a competitive price.

As a multinational company Garrabridge calls upon the talents of engineers and designers to deliver the most innovative concepts in lighting design. And in our London facility, we back up this global perspective with the strength of European manufacturing capability.

Garrabridge develops ambitious lighting systems which are aesthetically pleasing, economically feasible and environmentally sound. Many luminaires are developed by our manufacturers engineers and designers, others are created by well known lighting designers and architects in collaboration with our Research & Development Department. This allows us the flexibility to adapt our designs to your specific applications.