High Temperature Fittings

Model: Series e840


Explosion-Protected Light Fittings Series e840...

Technical details

Housing: Glass fibre reinforced polyester resin.
Cover: Clear polycarbonate with internal prisms, hinged.
Gasket: Silicone, foamed.
Reflector: Glass fibre reinforced polyester, hinged and removable.
Central locking system: Operated by a hexagonal socket key 13mm.
Isolating switch: Switching off all poles when the light fitting is opened.
Wiring: Electronic ballast with “end-oflife switching-off system”.
Connection: Prepared for looping the mains cable on one small side. Terminal L1 + N + PE up to 6mm² max.
Cable entries: 3 entries M25 x 1,5 (2 glands, 1 of them with plug and 1 screw plug).
Through wiring system: Looping the mains cable at one end of the housing or through wiring up to 5x2,5mm² possible at extra charge.
Mechanical installation: 2 suspension hooks (H8V P) or 2 ceiling brackets (15A P), see accessories.


  • sturdy design of high chemical resistance for application in rough industrial conditions:
    • housing from glass fibre reinforced polyester
    • polycarbonate diffuser of high impact strength (equal wall thickness: 2,5mm)
    • highly resistant foamed silicone gasket of dimensional stability that stands for a permanently safe tightness against water and dust
  • reliable, fail-safe and long-life thanks to a special ex-protected ECG with high grade quality features:
    • - "end-of-life swiching-off system" i.e. at the end of its life a fluorescent tube is safely switched off (acc. to the latest standards IEC 60079-7 with 2 safety circuits test 1 and test 2)
    • - in compliance with the requirements of overvoltage category III (standard = overvoltage category II)
    • - widened interference suppression up to 300MHz (standard = 30MHz)
    • - thanks to a special quartz sand encapsulation of the ballast inside an aluminium housing the operating temperatures are extremely favourable and consequently a long life time of the control gear (about 100.000 hours) is guaranteed with a low failure rate
  • excellent design allowing an easy and fast mounting/maintenance of the luminaire with an incorporated safety
    • - central locking system with hinged diffuser allowing an easy/fast lamp replacement
    • - easily accessible connection chamber behind the hinged reflector
    • - isolating switch with optical indicator showing its actual position
  • wide range of application and flexibility at most different environmental conditions
    • - certification for installation in gas and dust atmospheres (zones 1 and 21)
    • - wide range of admissible ambient temperature from -20°C to +55/60°C
    • - suitable as emergency light fitting connected to group or central battery systems by direct voltage detection and switching over to a 1 lamp operation (series e840... ZB)
    • - classical bilateral through wiring system or looping system on one side of the housing
  • excellent light distribution and glare limitation thanks to a light technically optimized prismatic diffuser

Hazardous areas of zones 1, 21 and 2, 22 as standard illumination or as emergency illumination in combination with external power supply units.