Warehouse and Storage

Model: DUEVO


LED High Bay Floodlight Series 3301/3302...

Technical details

Two versions are available: 1 or 2 LED wings for substitution of 250W / 400W high pressure discharge lamps
Housing: Die-cast aluminum, DB 702N (mica-iron paint). LED-housing with LED modules, optics behind tempered safety glass (IK08). ECG housing with integrated electronic control gear, prewired on terminals.
Optics: Without optics wide beam, with optics narrow-wide (TB) or narrow-beam (T), respectively oval optics (TO) for illumination of aisles in rack areas.
Entries: 1 gland and 1 blind plug M25 x 1,5.
Mounting: see Acessories.



  • high system lifetime even at max. ambient temperature.
  • high quality ECG with overvoltage, overload, short-circuit and excess temperature protection
  • optimized thermo management due to direct mounting of the LED modules to the housing and separate housings for ECG- and LED-moules,, huge heat sink with excellent heat dissipation
  • temperature monitoring of the LED-modules by the ECG (versions 330. L... and BASIC excluded)
  • uniform illumination due to the „Multi-Layer Technology“ i.e. every individual LED illuminates the
  • whole surface, the light curves of the individual LED are overlapping. No dark zones if any single LED would fail.
  • The uniformity of the illumination is kept.
  • colour rendering index CRI > 80
  • variable electrical installation methods due to max. 8 cable entries (see options).

Production areas and warehouses, cool storage facilities, walkways in shelve areas, driveways etc.

Technical data

LED: Highpower-LED 4,000K, CRI > 80, life cycle Types ... 03 L80 =60.000h,
Types ... 02 L80 =80.000h, Types ... 01 L80 =100.000h at max. ambient temperature (see notes).
Version 330. L ...: Mid-Power-LED 4,000K, CRI > 80, life cycle L70B10 > 50.000h at max. ambient temperature (see notes).
ECG: 220-240V, 50-60Hz. Due to the inrush current of the electronic ballasts, the maximum permissible number of light fittings per circuit breaker is limited. Overvoltage protection 4kV, excess temperature protection, overload and short circuit protection, temperature monitoring of the LED modules (types 330. L... and BASIC excluded).
DALI-interface for dim light operation (BASIC versions excluded)
Ambient temperature: -40°C up to +40°C / +50°C / +60°C (see article tables)
BASIC-Versions -20°C up to see article tables.



  • 5,700K (CRI > 70)
  • without DALI-interface (type BASIC)
  • dimmable version 1-10V interface (DIMA) for analog components
  • dimmable version „Corridor Mode“ (DIMC)
  • light output reduction (LR) per 230V control line (dimmable)
  • uniform luminous flux option (CL) to keep the light output on same level for the whole life cycle
  • asymmetrical optics (A)
  • PMMA cover frosted (F) for glare limitation
  • version with additional borings for wall mounting by means of angle brackets (swivel range 0° - 45°)
  • „ D“-marking for rooms with higher fire risk
  • ball sports proof version
  • for connection to group or central battery systems (ZB)
  • integrated monitoring module for monitoring the individual light fitting
  • 3/5-pole connecting (plug and play) plug for electrical connection without accessing the internal terminal block