Urban Lighting

Model: Series 48


LED Outdoor Light Fitting with Multi-Purpose Mounting System Series 48...

Technical details

Housing: Die-Cast aluminium, 2-parts, charcoal coloured metallic matt powder coated (almost DB 702). Upper section with LED-Module, optics; glass cover and ECG, hinged and detachable. Lower section with pole mounting system, adjustment of inclination, cable retainer, cable entry with pressure compensation system.
Glass cover: Flat safety glass, Impact resistance IK08.
Optic: Lens optics with asymmetric or asymmetric extremely wide beam (ABX) light distribution Multi-Layer technology.
Connection: With isolating plug connection.
Pole mounting device: Die-Cast aluminium, universal system for post top mounting Ø 60/76mm and side entry mounting Ø 42/60mm x 100mm.
Inclination: Post top mounting 0°, 5° and 10° (standard: 0°). Side entry mounting 0°, -5°, -10° and -15° depending on inclination of the cantilever.


  • high quality, reliable at long time application
    • – high system life time due to use of high-quality ECGs and LED boards
    • – ECG with integrated overvoltage protection, reliable due to overload, short-circuit and over temperature protection as well as temperature control of the LED modules
    • – optimized thermal management due to direct adaption of the LED modules to the die-cast aluminium housing, large cooling surface, excellent heat dissipation
    • – long-lasting, corrosion resistant die-cast aluminium housing with plain surface
    • – integrated pressure compensation system for defined „Breathing” of the fitting
  • easy to install, to maintain and to retrofit
    • – removable upper part of the housing allows a comfortable, time- and cost-saving mounting in 2 steps:
    • 1st step: Mount bottom part on the pole and connect the mains
    • 2nd step: Hinge upper part, connect isolating plug and shut the housing. READY
    • – tiltable universal pole mounting system for post top and side entry mounting, no tools required
    • – adjustable inclination of the light fitting, no tools required
    • – removable upper part of the housing allows a comfortable maintenance. No painful overhead working. ECG can be replaced on-site
    • – upgrades or converts in regards to technical development by easy change of the upper-part of the housing. After the change of the LED modules the upper part of the housing can be used again.
  • inexorably energy efficient and eco-friendly
    • – constant high luminous flux via the life of the LED due to uniform luminous flux function (types CL).
    • – optimal light distribution due to highly efficient lens optics
    • – homogeneous illumination due to the Multi-Layer-Technology i.e. every individual LED illuminates the whole surface, the light curves of the individual LED are overlapping.
    • – eco-friendly, no light emission into the upper half-space. Dark-Sky requirements are fulfilled
    • – future proof by using standardized LED-modules (Zhaga)
Technical data

LED: Highpower-LED, neutral white, 4,000K, Ra > 70, lifetime (L80) up to 100,000h depending on version
ECG: 220-240V, 50-60Hz, lifetime 100,000h. Due to the inrush current of the electronic ballasts, the maximum permissible number of light fittings per circuit breaker is limited. Overvoltage protection 10kV, excess temperature protection, overload and short circuit protection as well as temperature control of the LED modules.
Output reduction:
With control phase (LR):
For reducing the luminous flux to 50% at times of low traffic density. Control phase (LST) required. Switching via control phase (LST = 230V: 100%; LST = 0V: 50%)
Without control phase (LA): Autonomic dimming by integrated timer. Reduced operation 50% between 22:00 and 4:00h CET or 23.00 and 5.00h CEST
Uniform luminous flux function (CL): Luminous flux is kept on a constant level over the entire life time of the LED-modules (L100)



  • 3,000K (light colour 730)
  • protection class I
  • autonomic output reduction without control phase (LA), also possible with deviating times and with a second dimming step
  • optics for ME-classes (AB3)
  • low glare optics (ABL)
  • seawater resistant version
  • for connection to group or central battery systems (ZB)
  • Light Management System (LIMAS)
  • screening device to the house side
  • special painting in RAL colours