Dust and Waterproof

Model: Series 161 VARIO


Dustproof/Waterproof LED Light Fitting with Diffuser with variable setting of the luminous flux Series 161... VARIO

Technical details

Housing: Glass fibre reinforced polyester resin, silicone gasket.
Diffuser: Injected, acrylic glass, frosted for glare limitation.
Closure: Three-part captive plastic clips (KK), incl. 2 safety clips (KKS) to ensure protection against contact.
Reflector: Aluminium, painted, can be suspended or removed and carries the electrical components.
Connection: 3-pole terminal.
Cable entries: 2 plugs M20.
Mounting: Closed knock-outs for direct ceiling mounting (to be opened at site). Sealing and pressure disks inside each fitting.



  • universally usable due to variable setting of the luminous flux, depending on the requirement (replaces fluorescent lamps from 1x36W up to 2x58W)
  • quick and easy adjustment on-site
  • can be changed at any time (e.g. change of use of the premises with new requirements in regard to the level of illumination)
  • highest efficiency with luminous efficacy up to 143lm/W
  • homogeneous illumination by using frosted diffusers, no particular light points visible, comfortable perception of light, brilliant glare limitation
  • high colour reproduction Ra > 80, according to the workplace guide lines suitable for nearly all plant locations
  • with „D”-sign, suitable for rooms with increased fire risk due to deposits of combustible dust and fibrous materials
  • for temperatures from -20°C up to +30/35/40/45/50°C (depending on setting)
  • economical storage due to standardisation (only one light fitting instead of multiple versions)
  • lower maintenance and downtime costs due to long maintenance intervals
  • ECG and Reflector with LED-modules replacable by qualified personnel on-site
  • future proof by using LED-modules according to Zhaga standard


Areas, where one standardised LED-light fitting shall be used for different illumination tasks. In humid, wet and dusty indoor areas of industrial and agricultural premises, for workshops and car parks, cold stores, low temperature stores, cooling and freezing chambers and walkable low temperature cabins in hotels, climate chambers, hard to reach areas with high downtime and maintenance costs when replacing the lamps. Aggressive atmospheres: Please consult us.

Technical data

LED: Line modules 4,000K, Ra > 80, L70B10 > 50,000h at max. ambient temperature.
ECG: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, overload and short-circuit protection
DIP switch for setting the luminous flux of the luminaire.
Ambient temperature: -20°C up to +30/35/40/45/50°C (see type table)



  • 6.500K
  • PC-diffuser frosted (FPC)
  • for outdoor installation (AUS)